Patio Casa Cuqui Orgaz

Casa Cuqui, Orgaz, Toledo

Historical house with a typical Castilian patio in the picturesque town of Orgaz. At 103 km from Madrid and 33 km from the city of Toledo. Dating from the 17th century, it has maintained its essence with touches of modernity.

Suitable for groups of 5 to 12 people. The common areas, such as lounges, patio and garden, are exclusive to the group.

The Courtyard,

The structure of the house, with an enclosure around a central courtyard, which in turn communicates with an area of vegetable garden, is reminiscent of Roman houses (domus). This type of structure passed from Roman to Paleochristian architecture, and from the latter to medieval architecture. The word “patio” comes from the Latin “pac” through the Occitan “pàtu”. The courtyard is defined as an open-air, unroofed common space.

Dining room,

The living-dining room is joined to the kitchen, and becomes, together with the patio, the real epicenter of life in the house. It allows you to be cooking as well as sharing time with the rest of the group.

Bold colours in the wooden beams and window frames bring freshness and good vibes to this spacious area. Ideal for meetings and workshops.



The fireplace room is a mixture of tradition and modernity, the wooden beams bring warmth, while playing with bold colors that bring freshness. It is perfect for meetings and workshops.

Garden and Swimming pool,

The garden is the old corral, a second open space, partly paved, where there is a small swimming pool and a barbecue surrounded by vegetation. In the structure of the house this space was originally dedicated to the vegetable garden and to have animals. Ideal for relaxing, reading in a hammock or eating outdoors. In summer to take a dip in the pool.


To guarantee the health and well-being of our travellers, we have adopted the guidelines and recommendations drawn up by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE) and approved by the Ministry of Health to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Likewise, to promote a safe environment we only accept reservations from families or groups for full rental of the house up to a maximum of 12 people.